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CAPTCHA and Spam

Just an FYI, I've turned on the CAPTCHA for non-flist comments.  I've gotten a lot of spammy comments lately, and while LJ does a pretty decent job of deleting the comments and journals after they show up, it's still an annoyance getting them.  My journal has obviously been targeted for some reason.  I'm hoping that the captcha will help.

ETA: apparently that didn't quite do the trick, so I've disabled comments on my journal from non-registered users.  I'm sorry if you wanted to (legitimately) comment anon on my vids or meta, you can do so on my Dreamwidth.

ETA 11/7/12:  And now I've started getting spam from registered users so I've changed my commenting policy to friends only.  You can still comment without an account on my Dreamwidth.

OTW Election

Hey folks, for anyone that will see this the OTW is holding elections this weekend! The OTW 2015 Board of Directors election will be held on November 06-09. It will open at 12:01am UTC on November 06 and close at 11:59pm UTC on November 09. Here is some info so you can get out there and vote!!

The candidates, including links to their Bio and Manifestos and the Q&A answers they gave.
Official voting instructions, and simpler voting instructions.
Unofficial elections discussion.

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AO3 Invites

If you would like an Archive of Our Own invite you can leave your info in the invitations queue.  I currently have 0 AO3 invite(s), but I can request more.  I'll need to email you the invite, so please comment with your email address.  Comments are screened, so no one else will see your address.

Or you may be able to get codes here:
[community profile] ao3_invitecodes
Livejournal: ao3-invitecodes
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Vidding news

Ning.com, the platform for streaming sites like Vidders.net and BAM Vid Vault, is no longer offering free streaming of videos.  The communities will now have to pay to continue using Ning.  As a result, BAM is closing when Ning makes the official announcement, expected to be tomorrow.  BAM had over 13,000 members, so the vidding community is once again displaced.  Vidders.net is going to try to stay open, and you can find other streaming sites and info on an auction which will benefit the OTW Here.

But the good news is that the OTW has posted their Vidding Roadmap!!!!  They expect to have a vidding resources site, a Dark Archive and a bittorrent tracking site up very soon!  They won't be streaming vids yet, because they don't feel they have the infrastructure or money to do so at this time.  But it's in the works!  In the mean time, torrents offer an inexpensive way to distribute our vids from one centralized location that won't go down in a year's time because somebody decided that user generated content doesn't suit their business model!! 

I didn't upload my videos anywhere besides YouTube for this very reason.  So far they haven't been booted from YT, and as long as that's the case I'll be leaving them there until the OTW has something to offer us.

Fandom: I Lufs it!

Have you seen Francesca Coppa's latest post to the OTW's website? It includes a link to her Things We Don't Have In The Future presentation at the University of the Arts, and it's fantastic. She talks about how remix and fan cultures are valid forms of critique and discussion about popular culture and the reality we live in by responding in kind. She shows how fan culture envisions a future world that suits us, and then creates it through our works. She showed the audience several vids and some fan art, and they got the message and enjoyed it! It was such a fantastic presentation and it left me with such a squeeful feeling at being involved in fandom, in this community of people who create such awesome things with such awesome meaning, because you guys rock! Lol, it was also neat to have recognized every single one of the vids she showed, and to experience vicariously with her showing these specific examples to an audience, one of which was a Star Trek vid.

I also really liked the video she linked to, This Too Shall Pass by Ok Go. It has an infectiously up-beat alternative sound that I loved. I especially loved the lyrics Can’t stop those kids from dancing / but why would you want to? as it could be seen in relation to remixing and vidding. Vidding is our dance, our celebration, and it's beautiful. So in the spirit of viral video and making music accessible to the masses, as Damian says in his Open Letter From OK Go, regarding non-embeddable YouTube videos, I'm embedding the video for your pleasure:

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

Festivids recs!

I've just discovered Festivids and it's so much fun!  Like Yuletide for vids.  Here are a few of the entries I liked, though I haven't watched everything by far.  So far the vidders are still anonymous, I'm not sure when names will be revealed.

Treat Me Like A Villain for Milly, Dark Angel:
This was dark and complex and filled with so much pain. I've only seen a few Dark Angel episodes, but this makes me want to see more to really understand what was done here. Gorgeous editing though, with all the back and forth between strong and weak, triumph and despair.

Open Up for wyomingnot, The Fifth Element:
Really active editing and pretty source! Great beat, a lot of fun.

Body and Soul for hollywoodgrrl, Legend of the Seeker:
Another gorgeous vid, with fantastic, quick editing and beautiful source.  And a hot song with hot actors!

The AO3 is in Open Beta!!!

That means you can  sign up for an account, post fic, and bookmark and rec your favorite fic on the site!  I'm so excited, I just got my account, RDphantom, and the site looks awesome.  It works well, is easy to browse and find works, and it's easy to make bookmarks and recs.  I really like the bookmark/rec feature.  It's a great way to find good fic within a fandom.  I don't have any fic to post, but I think I'll enjoy keeping track of what I've read through my bookmarks.  I'm SO excited, it feels like we've been waiting forever for this!!


OTW Donations Drive!

The OTW is having their second annual Donations Drive this week, it ends the 19th of October.  Now is a great time to support them with the money they need to build and maintain the beautiful Archive of our Own, which goes into open Beta next month!  They are also looking for volunteers for all types of jobs within the OTW. 


Vividcon 09 Vid Recs

So here's where I finally rec some vids from Vividcon. Better late than never, right? Wow, there were so many vids, and I’ve only gotten through the first two discs. I feel like I want to rec them all, but clearly that's not practical so I have to narrow down the list ;)

Motion Roller CoasterCollapse )

Premieres From Themed ShowsCollapse )

PremieresCollapse )

Also PremieringCollapse )

I'll be posting more as I finish the other two discs, hopefully soon.

Vividcon 2009!


So this was my first Vividcon and I was so excited about it; apparently my excitement showed! Someone said I had the look of a con first-timer and I totally did. I’m sure I was grinning at everyone. It was awesome to meet all of you, people whose names I’ve been seeing for a few years now and people whose vids I’ve adored. It was really a one of a kind experience, and I hope to go again. Here are some of the highlights for me, now that I‘m starting to have time to get them together.

1. Club Vivid rocks! Someone said that it’s surprisingly easy to dance to awesome vids in a dark room with glow sticks and other enthusiastic fans and they were totally right. I'm glad that I decided to go in costume, too. I mean, where else am I going to rock the Starfleet uniform? I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I didn’t think I would really dance, but I did. I pretty much danced all night, and it was so much fun. I think this was one of my favorite parts of the con.

2. Premieres and Nearly New were awesome; the movie atmosphere with the huge screen was neat. My husband Neo and I saw Nearly New in the big room, and premieres in the overflow room. The overflow room was neat because it was more casual, and I got to talk with (ie: fangirl at) [info - personal] luminosity  about Ecstatic Drum Trip and Farscape. Lots of really awesome vids, it was cool to see them back to back, like a best of the best for the year. Vid review the next day was neat. I didn’t actually realize what it was going to consist of, but after seeing so many vids they all ran together and I wasn’t able to always remember each vid entirely, or what I thought about them. I think I’ll be able to give better reviews on second re-watches. Yay for the Con DVD! I think I’ll get into it this weekend. Is there any way to get DVD's or booklets for past cons?

3. Meeting people was awesome. Luminosity, elynross , and kassrachel  were all wonderfully welcoming to me right off the bat, and I really appreciated that. milly  was also very nice, and I appreciated the time she spent with me talking about Photoshop. I had a fantastic time talking with Vlad during the buffet, and dancing with norabombay , frostfire_17 , Millylicious and shinetheway  at Club Vivid. And it was so cool to meet heresluck , bradcpu , absolutedestiny , hollywoodgrrl , jarrow  and bananainpyjamas  . I really admire their vidding skills, so it was neat just to be around them. I know that’s not everyone I met and talked with (Neo and I talked with someone quite a bit during the buffet before Club Vivid, but I can't remember her name), I know I’ve forgotten some people’s names now, so let me just say that everyone there made my experience really fun. Everywhere I went people were discussing vids or fic and saying totally fannish stuff that made me smile.

4. There were some really cool panels. Milly’s Photoshop and jescaflowne 's AE and Premiere gave me a good idea of what more I can do with my vids, and how to use the software programs together to maximize time and effectiveness. I still have a lot to learn, but at least I feel like I know where to start. Here’s Luck is an awesome vidder and gave me lots to think about when timing my vids. The challenge is not cutting on every single beat, but using the beats and various instrumental aspects of music to emphasize movement and visual significance of clips. I think I’ll have to study her vids further to learn that lesson better ;) Motion Roller Coaster by anoel  was really cool too, lots of amazing vids that I totally want to review again. In-Depth vid review with Milly and Absolutedestiny was awesome. The vids reviewed were incredible, and it was so cool to hear other people's thoughts about them.

5. The Star Trek party was a blast. There is nothing like watching vids and parts of Trek with a bunch of loud, enthusiastic fans. It was really fun.

6. The Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility was really cool. It was so awesome to meet astolat , Francesca Coppa, Rebecca Tushnet and everyone else who is so involved with the OTW. I really believe in the OTW’s mission and how they are making it happen, and it was really cool to get a progress review in person. Kassrachel has an in depth con report here that has a very detailed section of the Town Hall.

I only wish I had more days before and after the con to meet people and see the city. Neo and I were going to see downtown on Sunday afternoon after the challenge show but it was pouring rain. Since we weren’t likely to see much or want to get out of the car we decided to hang out for a while longer at the con. I think the con was really well run. Everything was very organized and it was really cool to have the whole second floor to ourselves. The buffet before Club Vivid was amazing, too. I'd love to go again. Maybe not next year, but when I have the time and money again. Thanks everyone for an amazing first time!